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Bloomfield Community Challenge

On Saturday 1st September, 10 local sports teams and clubs came to Bloomfield Shopping Centre to take part in the Bloomfield Community Sports Challenge for a chance to win £2,000 sponsorship for their club. The age groups ranged from 5 to over 30’s with Netball, Hockey, Diving and Football teams involved.

Starting the day with a bang, Diving Academy NI (DANI) took the lead in the first round of the quiz, nailing it on the Disney villain’s questions. Round 2 involved both cup flipping and cup stacking skills, surprisingly the footballers definitely had the upper hand with these rounds! We then moved on to the Rodeo Bull round, the girls from Holywood Ladies Hockey had obviously been training for this one as they set the record with a whopping 55.93 seconds! The rest of the day’s activities included more quiz rounds, building spaghetti and marshmallow towers, attempting to complete the After Eight challenge and a highly competitive game of Fluffy Bunnies! Ards Ladies Hockey may have set the new world record with an insane 12 marshmallows!

All teams who took part on the day have been awarded £100 for their club to go towards sports equipment, maintenance of their club / grounds and travel costs for competitions and matches. The overall winners of the £2,000 sponsorship were Diving Academy NI, massive congratulations to the team on the day and all members of the club.

Bloomfield would like to thank all the teams who took part on the day and we hope to see you again very soon.