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Hatch by Revo

HATCH by Revo

A Dragon’s Dens style competition to find the next breakout retail star

We are delighted to announce the Bloomfield Landlord, Ellandi is taking part in Hatch a major campaign run by Revo to find the next generation of retail talent.

HATCH is a Revo initiative supporting budding small businesses ready for the next step in their evolution. Open to enterprises that are exciting, innovative and hungry for the opportunity to trade in an established retail centre. The initiative offers free space in the Centre to a business with a stand-out retail concept. There are no restrictions on what type of businesses can enter. Anyone from online-only outlets looking to experiment with a physical presence to fashion stalls wanting a bigger premise can apply.

Samantha Sen, Head of Policy and Campaigns from Revo, said “Small businesses are the backbone of the British economy and a source of great creativity and innovation. We believe that the retail success stories of tomorrow will come from today’s pop-up shops, kiosks, and e-tailers as dozens of brands and chains we now know and love have proven. Innocent Drinks, for example, started as a stall at a music festival!

Entrants can apply online at The competition will run for 2 months with winners announced in May. Bloomfield Shopping Centre is offering free Mall space; free rent, rates and service charge for one year. The winner will also receive professional marketing support to help promote their concept and a year’s free bira membership, which includes a unique retail insurance scheme, card processing, free legal advice and preferential banking rates.