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Voxi, now at Vodafone!

VOXI is a new mobile offering created by Vodafone, for and with people aged 25 and under, that enables them to use their phones the way they want to. The VOXI brand, products, customer experience and marketing have all been co-created with our audience.

The VOXI SIM, available from 8 September, lets you use selected social and chat apps1 as much as you like, without affecting your data allowance. With as much calling and texting as you want, the freedom to use your phone in Europe2 at no extra cost, and with no contract and no credit check, VOXI is accessible, flexible, affordable and transparent.

VOXI offers the following 30-day 4G plans:

£10 = 2GB data
£15 = 5GB data
£20 = 15GB data

Assuming you have data left on your plan, you can enjoy unlimited use3 of selected social media and chat apps. And if you’re running low on data, we’ll let you know and you can add more, with 1GB for £34. All VOXI plans offer unlimited calls and texts.

We know our audience also love streaming video and music, which is why we’re also going to be adding passes that let you use video and music apps as much as you like without using your data allowance – coming soon.

Call into the Bloomfield branch and speak to a member of the knowledgable team for more information.